Ed Beach

 Ed has been carving waterfowl since 1983, but his love of wildlife goes way back. A life-long resident of Maine, Ed currently lives in Readfield on the shore of Torsey Pond.  Over the years, the Beach family has watched brood after brood of black ducks, mallards, and loons, as well as the tree-nesting wood ducks that first inspired Ed to start carving wiildfowl.

“I’ve always been fairly good at making things, and when a friend asked me to try carving him a set of working decoys, I decided to join MWWCA and find out what this bird carving thing was all about,” Ed said. “Carving the birds came to me quite quickly, but drawing and painting them was a different story.” In recent years, he has been burning for texture, shading and color; this allows some warmth of the wood to show.

As with many wildlife carvers, Ed feels becoming a better draftsman can only help in the final three-dimensional products he creates. “There’s really nothing wrong with carving birds from the same patterns time and again, or borrowing patterns from other carvers for that matter,” Ed said. “but, if you want to produce something a bit different, (a bird preening in a particular way, for example) you’ve got to be able to put that bird in the right position on paper beforehand.”

Ed has displayed his works and demonstrated his techniques in art exhibits throughout New England and Quebec. His craft is known internationally, Ed's carvings have found homes in Mexico, European countries and even as far away as Japan.

Ed Beach
Old Stage Road
Readfield, Maine 04355