Maine Wood Carvers Association

How To Help The Eagle Cane Project, Honoring Maine's Disabled Veterans

An undertaking like the Maine Eagle Cane Project is a labor of love. Dedicated wood carvers and woodturners eagerly give their time and talents, often using their own supplies. We also rely heavily on donations to make this project happen.
It is the spirit of volunteerism and the commitment to honor our veterans that make this work. Unfortunately, we have expenses to cover (shipping, supplies, etc.) We are grateful to MDI Woodcarvers Supply, Peavey Manufacturing Co. and Unique Canes for their generous price reductions. We still, however, do have to pay for these supplies.
There are several ways in which to help.
If you are a carver:
We will gladly provide you with a kit containing a tapered, tenoned dowel, an eagle head blank, glass eyes, an adaptor and a rubber foot, or whatever individual supplies you need. On the Carving Instructions and Tutorial pages you will find the information you'll need to complete a cane. You can also contact us with any questions.
If you are not a carver but would like to help:
You can help to support this Project by sending your tax-deductible donation to:
Barbara McCutcheon, Treasurer
Maine Wood Carvers Association
13 Liberty Street
Fairfield, Maine  04937
or by purchasing items at our new online store at CafePress where you will find an assortment of items with our logo. All profits from the sale of these items will be used to fund this Project.
Donations in the form of supplies (wood for blanks and adaptors) and services (sawing blanks and turning adaptors) are always appreciated.

Marcia Berkall, Project Coordinator
South China, Maine 04358

Herb Blake, Project Manager
New Gloucester, Maine  04260