Jim Irish

 Jim Irish likes working with wood. He learned on his own by reading books and trying things he liked. He tried scroll saw carving and made lots of toys. When he became bored with that, he tried an intarsia piece. It caught his interest  and opened the door to new possibilites. It presented a challenge Jim couldn’t resist.

Jim has a stockpile of wood and looks for just the “right” piece. It takes an artist’s eye to select the right wood to give realism and life to his subjects.

Jim buffs his work because he does not use finishes or sprays. Buffing highlights the grain and natural color of the wood plus follows the contours of the animal or bird. 

Jim enjoys carving and wants to encourage others to try it.  He wants to share and pass on his knowledge. Carving enriches his life through socializing, learning and sharing.  He has entered competitions and earned many awards and recognition.