John Hooper

John Hooper lives in the Great North Woods.  In fact, he lives in the middle of a wildlife protection area on the shore of Rangeley Lake, at the edge of Maine's one- hundred-mile wilderness.  This gives him the opportunity to observe wildlife, up close and personal.  If he hasn't seen every species of fish, mammal and bird from the comfort of camp, then he's seen them in the woods, fields and lakes of this beautiful part of the country.

 He has chosen to capture the images in the medium of wood.  Through sculpting and relief carving, he brings to life representatives of animals, birds and fish, often in their habitat, doing something that comes naturally. 

Fin, Fur & Feather Carvings in Wood
3 William Rd. Rangeley, ME 04970 US
Phone: (207) 670-5770 Website: